Adoption of puppies


Have you ever thought about adopting dogs ? Many people end up wanting to buy and not that this is wrong at all. But perhaps adopting can be an alternative for those who wish to have a 4-legged friend and at the same time help an animal that is in need.


Most of the puppies that are adopted for adoption are the famous mutts or SRD. These are usually rescued by other people who also love animals. Some are found in very difficult situations and therefore need special attention!

The fact is that mutts are dogs like any other. Many have a mixed temperament because they receive the influence of various races, but with love, affection, and patience the same can be as docile as any other.

You will be able to find in the adoption of dogs , small dogs, small, medium, large, short or long dogs and much more. We can say that your SRD dog will be unique, because there is hardly a mutt the same as the other. They are unique animals and with much love to give!

Adoption of dogs – The gratitude of adopted animals

Know that adopted animals usually have a kind of gratitude for humans, especially when you choose an adult dog.

Adult dogs end up staying in temporary shelters or homes for a long time, even because most people prefer to adopt the puppies. So how much does one get from home, gratitude is clear.

If you are a person who loves animals, have space and time to take care of them, adopt a puppy animal and another already big. Of course, the puppy also deserves all the attention and respect, but surely it will be possible to notice a good difference from the adult.

Especially the animals that have already suffered in the street or in the hand of another human being, end up being much more loving with those who treat them well.

It really pays to think about adopting puppies !

dog adoption

Dog Adoption – 10 Reasons to Adopt a Mutt

We’ve separated 10 reasons that will help you make sure the mutt can be your best friend! Check out:

  1. Adoption of dogs is a surprise box

A dog that is pure breed, does not suffer any interference, so you are fully sure of your temperament and its main characteristics.

We can compare as if you had a child. You will have to discover the temperament of the pet little by little and this makes the bond between you even stronger.

  1. You will have the opportunity to save a life.

Unfortunately dogs that live in temporary shelters or homes, end up staying in short spaces. They can not play and many do not even care. For a dog, it is very difficult to live without the company of a human!

Usually dogs that live long in shelters, end up not showing much enthusiasm for life, but when they are adopted, all this energy is renewed.

An adopted dog will always remember and be grateful that you have offered him a good life.

dog adoption

  1. Low cost

Just because you will not spend money on the purchase, already makes your pet has a low cost. Adopting puppies has this advantage!

But besides that, mutts can usually be vaccinated on time and some are even castrated. Only with this you can save between R $ 400,00 to R $ 900,00.

  1. They are much more resistant

Many purebred animals already have a predisposition to develop diseases. It turns out that the mutt dog needs to be stronger and sturdy, just because many live on the street. With this, they end up having a much better health than other dogs.

  1. You can adopt an adult dog


The puppies bring a lot of joy to the house, but some people end up having a series of headaches. It is difficult to have enough time to train or raise a puppy, this requires attention that goes beyond 6 months.

When you adopt an adult animal, this whole phase can be easily overcome. In addition, adult dogs are the ones that most need to be adopted, as they end up being left out.

  1. The dog may even be trained

Adult dogs may have been abandoned by their former owners and so they already know basic rules of coexistence, such as peeing in a certain place and not chewing the objects of the house.

  1. They are able to perform tasks normally

Believe it or not, but many mutts are being used as a therapist dog and even guide dog. This will all depend exclusively on the temperament of each animal and not on its race.

  1. You can completely improve a dog’s life.

Just imagine how rewarding it will be for you to be able to take an animal out of the shelter and give it a great life, nurturing, food, fresh water and everything. Of course, besides making a happy animal, you will be making yourself happy!

  1. They are very flexible

The mutts are able to adapt easily in any situation. Be it heat, cold, change of house, environment and more.They have been forced to adapt with time and for this reason, they can change their lives easily.

  1. Are unique

As mentioned before, no dog will be the same as your mutt. SRD dogs have very particular characteristics and you can have a puppy that does not look like any other, is not it incredible?

Adoption of dogs – Tips for who will adopt a dog

If you are really deciding to adopt a dog, we are going to give some tips to facilitate the socialization of this new member in your family. Check out:

  1. Planning is everything

If you do not live alone, then it is important to talk to the other family members to discuss who will or will not take care of the puppy and what will be the task of each.

  1. Health Care

A visit to the vet falls very well and should be done soon after you adopt the puppy. Make sure that taking care of your pet’s health is very important, as much as taking care of your own.

Ask the vet for help, because it is important to know all the vaccines to ensure the quality of life of the vaccine.

  1. Choose the name well

adopt with love

Try not to pick names that will confuse the dog, like names that look like “yes” or “no.”

It may seem silly, but a simple mess will make your dog never understand what is right or wrong.

  1. Offer the best for the dog

If he was in a shelter, find out what ration he was eating. Some sudden changes in food may end up causing digestive problems.

If you still decide to change rations, do so gradually so that your buddy’s body does not suffer as much.

  1. Living with other animals

If you have two dogs or more, it is interesting that they can live together. But remember to always offer affection individually and in addition, even dogs need a particular moment to relax.

If you have a cat, it is entirely possible that the two of you live together, but you should be well aware during the adjustment period. Any carelessness can end in a tragedy.

  1. He is a friend for all hours.

Your new friend is a companion to any kind of temperament of yours, so cherish it!

  1. Domestication

adoption of dogs

The dog needs to be tamed in the way you find most interesting. It is important that he has certain times to eat, to walk and even to be alone. All this will make it have greater control under the bladder and bowel.

  1. A diet suitable for every age

Puppies eat differently from adult dogs. Each age demands a special need, so try to know what your pet’s body needs.

  1. Castration is fundamental

For females, this will prevent possible pregnancy and also psychological pregnancy, breast tumors, infections and more.

For the male, there is protection from testicular cancer, prostate problems and more.

Do the procedure with a veterinarian of your confidant and make sure that everything went well with the castration of your little friend.

  1. The way you treat your dog

If you treat your dog well, he will certainly have a calm temper and good behavior. The way humans treat their animals is directly linked to the factors mentioned above.

  1. Always strive

If you have adopted a dog or a member of your family has adopted, it is important to look for ways that will make the new resident to like you.

Dogs usually end up liking everyone very easily, but if you feel that something is not working, just look for help, because there is always a way to improve the relationship.

  1. Identify your


In every possible way! But the microchip is the best alternative. Always keep the record up to date, especially when you change jobs or home.

Do not forget the nameplate, it is a quick means if your dog gets lost.

  1. Dogs are omnivores

Many people believe that dogs are just meat eaters, but they are omnivores. This means that they need to eat plants and animal tissue.

Dogs can do very well with a vegetarian diet.

  1. Play with your dog

You who are interested in Adoption of dogs , know that your dog also needs to be stimulated.

Play with him to hide the ration, just put a little bit of ration at different points of the house and ask him to look.

  1. Special care for teenage dogs

Teen dogs have a lot of energy and that’s why it takes aerobics and a lot of fun to pass the time.

  1. The Fun Rides

Dogs love to walk in forests, forests or countryside. Remember not to leave the animal too free, because he does not know this region. Always walk with the collar and guide so the dog can be safe.

  1. Take away boredom

Adopted puppies

Boredom can lead your dog to chew on your belongings, so leave several toys for him to bite, bury, carry, hide, and so on.

Always be offering new toys, this will make your dog always interested in playing, even if you are not present.

  1. For Her

Did you know that dogs are excellent therapists? Well, if your dog likes strangers, children, is obedient and has a calm temperament, volunteering can be a great way to pass the time.

  1. Work the dog’s body and mind

The dog needs to work the mind and have the body toned. Getting your dog to play sports is a very interesting thing because automatically you will also be putting your body in motion.

Play in parks and open fields. Your pet will love to run and play.

  1. Avoid chocolate

Yes, dogs love chocolates. But always avoid this, even in small amounts the chocolate can be toxic, causing even the heart acceleration and in some cases more serious, until death.

  1. Protect your animal


If you are a hunter and want to take your dog, put an orange in it so the dog does not have to become a victim of the game.

  1. Dress your dog if you need it and if he likes it

Clothes should not be used only as a way to make your dog more cute, but to protect from the cold.

It turns out that many dogs simply can not adapt to the idea of ​​wearing clothes, so do not be pushy.

  1. Care of the fireworks

Especially at the turn of the year and on specific dates, dogs end up suffering too much from the fireworks.

Always keep your dog protected from this type of situation!

  1. Find out about your dog


Dogs are full of curiosities. Always be looking for more!

Now that you know some tips and know that adopting dogs is super interesting, go to a fair in your city or region and choose the animal that most can touch your heart. Good luck with this new member of the family!

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